Cakes - Cocobun



Come sample our wide variety of Light and fluffy cakes. Baked fresh every day!

Chocolate chip butter cake
Marble Cheesecake
“Lucky cat” steam cake
Matcha green tea cake
Brown sugar honey cake
Light cheesecake
Pineapple butter cake
Coconut butter cake
Belgium chocolate biscuit
Cheesecake biscuit
Japanese Cheesecake – Large
Moon cake (red bean filling)
Green tea roll with red bean cream filling
Bite-sized butter cake
Walnut butter cake
Blueberry-laced butter cake
Lemon-laced butter cake
Green tea sponge cake triangle
Sponge cake triangle
Lemon and coconut twist
Flaky crust taro cake slice
Sponge cake cup
Sponge cake
Sliced Mango Swiss Roll
Sliced Green Tea Swiss Roll
Sliced Chocolate Swiss Roll
Sliced Swiss Roll
Cake Roll