Savory Buns - Cocobun


Savory Buns

From the classic “Char Siu Bao” to the latest addition, the Smoked Meat Bun, our savory buns make for a great snack or light meal.

Ham and Cream Cheese
Ham and Corn
Cheese Bun
Beef Roll
Beef Patty
Bacon Shallots
Danish sausage

The “Danish” version of our “hot dog” bun. A hot dog sausage coated with a Danish pastry.

BBQ pork puff flaky

For puff pastry fans, our BBQ Pork is also found in this puff delight.

Mini Hawaiian pizza

Our Hawaiian pizza topped with ham, pineapple and cheese is a popular choice for a light lunch or a snack after school or work.

Ham and egg

Egg and ham make this bun a delicious option for breakfast or lunch!

Beef curry

Want beef? Try our beef curry bun! Small tender pieces of beef cooked in a mild and sweet curry.

Hot Dog

Our version of a American “hot dog”. A chewy bun wraps a hot dog sausage to create sweet and savory bites. Excellent as a quick snack at any hour of the day!

Chicken teriyaki

A chicken craving? This bun stuffed with chicken cooked in teriyaki sauce will satisfy you!

Hot dog and relish
BBQ Pork