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Sweet buns

Cocobun Sweet Buns

From the classic Hong Kong Egg tart to our newest addition, the fried Nutella bun, we can satisfy your sweet tooth.

Fruit Tart
Fried Nutella Bun
Wintermelon Cookie
Chinese donuts on a stick

Our Chinese donuts called “Sa Yung”, consists of a bunch of three plump donuts sprinkled with granulated sugar. Delicious! Yum!!

Kitten bun

Our kitten bun inspired by the famous Japanese cartoon! Stuffed with custard cream, this bun will make you smile, guaranteed!

Coconut twist

Our coconut twist is a mellow bun intertwined with shredded coconut. A must try!

Raisins twist

Our raisin twist is a mellow bun intertwined with small raisins. Very popular for they are delicious!

Cake crêpe

Our Cake Crêpe is made from a piece of sponge cake coated with a thin day fresh pancake. For interesting bites of cake and pancake together!

Milk bun

Our Milky buns are simply amazing! Slightly sweet, mellow, fresh every day.

Strawberry and cheese danish

Description to come


Our chocolatine. Children love and the adults… too!


Our 100% butter croissant. A classic!

Chocolate cream-filled bun

Bun with chocolate cream for any chocolate craving!

Strawberry Waltz cream bun

One of our most charming buns, stuffed with cream and strawberries it blends perfectly the taste of cream and fruits. Very popular with our customers, hurry! They sell out quickly!

Butter floral bun

Also nice to look at what a delicious flavor! Our butter floral-bun is crispy on the edges and tender inside. Slightly sweet taste, lightly buttered.

Chocolate melt-filled bun

A chocolate bun stuffed with chocolate fondant. Double the chocolate and double the goodness!

3 fillings bun (custard, coconut and red bean paste)

For the undecided, this bun provides a glimpse of the three most popular flavors including coconut, custard and red beans.

Buttered bun with shredded pork

Yum! Some customers come just for this! Our bun with lightly buttered center and dried shredded pork crust is a must try!

Raisin crusted bun

Custard made crust and raisins cover this braided bun giving it a slightly sweet taste.

Mango purée-filled bun

A mellow bun stuffed with mashed mango.

Crunchy shell bun with chocolate chips (no filling)

A different version of the famous “Bo Lo Bao”, the Japanese “Bo Lo Bao” has a more crunchy crust. It even has chocolate chips!

Cinnamon bun

Our homemade cinnamon bun. Not too sweet, but enveloped of a warm cinnamon flavor.

Garlic bread

Do you like garlic bread? Here’s your bun to try! A slightly sweet rectangular bread covered with garlic butter and shallots. A delicious blend of salty and sweet!

Mocha-filled bun

Our version of the American stuffed donut! A mellow bun filled with chocolate cream soft and light taste. A favorite of our customers!

Red bean paste-laced bun

This red beans dough interlaced bun provides subtle bites of red beans through the bun.

Roasted coconut bun

A bun interlaced with shredded coconut. It will appeal to those who want coconut bites through the bun and not just in the middle!

Red bean paste crusted bun

Bun filled with a crusty top of lightly sweet red beans pâte. For those who know the benefits and delicious taste of red beans!

Coconut custard crusted bun

For insiders of “Bo Lo Bao”, but who want more! This bun combines perfectly the crunchy crust of the “Bo Lo Bao” and the “Bun Cocktail” coconut topping.

Custard-filled bun

A classic Cantonese pastry, this bun is filled with slightly sweet custard cream. You can distinguish the spiral baked on the bun’s top!

Coconut purée-filled bun

A “must” for Hong Kong pastries, it is nicknamed popularly “cocktail bun” because of its delicious coconut and granulated sugar topping.

Cream-filled coconut bun

A mellow bun sprinkled with shredded coconut and filled with a light cream based on royal icing. A favorite of our Cocobun customers!

Sweet crust bun (no filling)

Pronounced Lo Bao Bo in Cantonese, this bun has the perfect balance of crunch and mellow!